PO Box 53
Frankfort, MI 49635
Phone: 231-399-0300
Email: info@benziehabitat.org

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Home Ownership

Do you need better housing because your current home is too small, poorly built, or not affordable?

Are you willing to partner with Habitat by investing substantial hours of “sweat equity”?

Do you live or work in Benzie County and would you like to own a home here?

For more information, please contact:
Habitat for Humanity of Benzie County
PO Box 53
Frankfort, MI 49635
(231) 399-0300
E-mail: info@benziehabitat.org

Apply for Home Ownership

You can fill out the Home Ownership Application online, or download and print the application. Please mail or e-mail your completed paper application to the address above.

Online Application Printable Application

How It Works

What does Habitat for Humanity do?

Habitat for Humanity, as a nonprofit, ecumenical Christian housing ministry, works in partnership with people in need of improving the conditions in which they live.  Habitat challenges people of compassion to provide the initial capital through gifts and financing to build or renovate simple, decent homes for the inadequately sheltered. Houses are sold at no profit, with affordable monthly payments. The house payments received by Habitat are recycled to build more houses through a local Fund for Humanity.

What are the criteria for becoming a partner?

  • Current home has an inadequate number of bedrooms (includes more than 3 family members share a bedroom, school-age children of opposite sex share a bedroom, or family member(s) have no bedroom).
  • The cost (typically rent) of current home exceeds 30% of gross income.
  • Applicants are unable to obtain a conventional or government-assisted mortgage loan to purchase a home.

  • Applicants must have a reliable monthly income source and demonstrate a history of financial responsibility.
  • Applicants must have the financial ability to meet their total debt obligations. Total of all monthly debt payments, including approximately $550 per month to Habitat for mortgage payments, taxes, and insurance, should not exceed 40% of gross income.
  • Applicants must have a satisfactory credit history and references. Credit history is considered satisfactory if no outstanding liens or judgments exist and acceptable explanations are provided for any derogatory information.
  • Current maximum annual income guidelines for Benzie County are:

  • Applicant (and Co-Applicant if any) agree to 200 hours each of sweat equity work.
  • Sweat Equity consists of attendance at meetings and Homeowner Education classes, work on applicant’s own home or other Habitat homes, or other HFHBC projects and events.
  • Applicants must agree to maintain their Habitat homes upon occupancy.

  • Applicants must be residents of or employed in Benzie County for at least one year.

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